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Ring Size Guide: How to Determine Your Ring Size

The average ring size for women ranges from US size 5-7, with size 6/6.5 as one of the most popular ones. That's why almost all our ring collection comes in size 6/6.5 with an open-ended design so you can adjust accordingly.

If you want an exact measurement, here are two ways you can try to know your ring size.


1. Measure A Ring That You Own

This is the most accurate, direct, and convenient way of measuring your ring size. Grab a ring that you own and measure the inner diameter of it in millimetres. Match the measurement with those in the chart below to find the ring size.

2. Measure Your Finger

Grab a piece of string that is inelastic or a strip of paper and wrap it comfortably around your finger. Mark the point where the string meets, flatten it and measure the length of it in millimetres. Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart above. Measure 2-3 times for a more accurate result!



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