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About 925 Silver

All our jewelry is certified to contain 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals. 925 Sterling silver has a very good quality and is made to be your long-lasting everyday jewelry.

925 Sterling Silver Facts

Why 92.5%?

925 Silver is much harder and sturdier than 999 pure silver, the introduction of new blending processes that create silver alloys contributes to the hardness of the silver alloy, allowing more complex and sophisticated jewelry designs.

925 Sterling Silver Benefits

  • 925 Silver is durable, hypoallergenic (our jewelry is free of nickel), and will never make your ear, finger, or neck turn green.

  • You can shower with your 925 Silver jewelry and it will be perfectly fine. It does not get damaged by hot water or soap. Perfect for people who like to wear jewelry every day and are too lazy to take them off! :)

  • It is easy to clean, just gently wipe the jewelry piece with a soft silver cloth or microfibre towel to keep its shiny surface looking brand new.



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